When was the last time you consistently ate a healthy meal? Not a one-off indulgence in your favourite fruit. Think about the last time you made a deliberate effort to eat healthily and make it a lifestyle. There is a misconception that eating healthily is complex, and you need to earn and spend a lot of money to make it sustainable. That is why many people still consume a lot of gluten heavy meals even though their bodies are giving them signs that they need to make changes. Welcome to lavidacocoa.ca, the website where you will find well researched and factual information about gluten-free meals, and general healthy eating.

Why Gluten-Free?

There was a time when people who had celiac allergy from their bodies’ inability to process gluten had to bear the discomfort or completely avoid gluten products such as items made of wheat. Times have changed, and now, in Canada and beyond, there are many restaurants, stores and cafes that exclusively sell gluten-free products. On this website, you will get a list of some popular bakeries in Canada that sell gluten-free products. There is also a guide for gluten-free bakeries on how they can get more customers. Since people have now accepted that a gluten-free diet is sustainable, the content here is meant to guide people who are following the regime, and how to go about it. It also aims at encouraging those who have never tried it to take a shot at it. Other than gluten-free foods, there are also tips on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.