Organic cafes are growing in popularity not only in Canada but across the world. If you have never been to an organic cafe, you are probably wondering about the kind of menu that you are likely to find there. Some of the things you should expect to find in a typical organic cafe menu are as follows.

Fresh Juices and Fruits

Most of the organic cafes always have fruits and juices on their menu for people who do not want a full meal or those that want to have a healthy option as dessert. You are also likely to get fruits that are in season since most organic cafes pride themselves in serving only fresh foods. It is not uncommon to have a stand making fresh juices like orange juice and lemonade.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Food Options

If you want to get healthy food options such as vegan-friendly foods, you should consider eating at an organic cafe. They always have vegan meals on their menus, including interesting substitutes such as veggie sausages and burgers. You can also get alternatives to dairy like almond milk. They also have gluten-free food options that eliminate wheat from their ingredient list and substitute them with gluten-free options.

No Processed or Chemically Preserved Foods

One of the things that separate organic cafes from other kinds of cafes is that they do not have processed foods in their menu. They focus on the freshness of the products, so you will not get chemically processed and preserved foods. The food on their menus always places value on the fact that they cook fresh from the farm. That is why their foods are considered to be tastier and healthier. Most of them source their food items directly from the farm, and there are even some organic cafes that grow their own ingredients.