Our Bread

Sourdough Bread

Our signature sourdough bread is unique since it doesn't contain any starches, gums or sugar. We use our homemade sourdough starter to bake all different types of bread. Sandwich bread, sweet and savory buns, artisan loaves. Just take your time and pick your favorite. 

In our frozen section you can find crepes, grain-free tortillas, buckwheat wraps, pizza dough, pies and variety of perogies.

"White" bread

We use multigrain mix to create different types of bread such as bagels, sandwich bread, baguettes, burger buns, bread sticks and more. All our gluten free bread freezes well and defrosts without any issue. It keeps its form and is perfect for quickly making sandwiches or French toast. 


Choose from an assortment of different flavours, including chocolate chunk, graham, spicy chocolate, “sugar,” chocolate shortbread, gingerbread, social tea and more. Our selection grows daily and is a perfect treat for any party or a casual snack. 

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Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

This is our signature sourdough bread. For that recipe we cut off all starches and sugars. It based on a Buckwheat, Quinoa or Millet flours. 

"White" Bread

We use our own bread mix to bake that fluffy and wonderful bread. It's very close to the traditional French Loaf and you would never tell it's gluten-free.

Cinnamon -Raisin Bread

Cinnamon-Raisin Bread made with our sourdough starter and contains no yeast. It's very good dessert bread that perfect compare with any butters, cheeses or spreads of your choice.

Chocolate Bread

That perfect dessert bread made with our sourdough, has no yeast and tastes like a delicate cake. The flavor is light and slightly sweet, the texture is fluffy and airy. It's an amazing option for quick breakfast option.


Our bagels are soft and airy inside and have their original crust outside. You could choose plain, everything (with Onion and Herbs) or sweet (Coconut sugar&Cinnamon).


We have very good burger buns for BBQ lovers. And we have some variety of sourdough buns in sweet and savory options.


Chocolate Chunk cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Coconut sugar Cookies

Ginger Bread Cookies

Graham Cookies

Social Tea Cookies

Icing glazed Cookies