All of our cakes are 100% vegan and are made from scratch with fresh and safe ingredients to avoid any cross contamination with gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts or other allergens. If you have a specific dietary restriction, let us know and we will do our best to find a suitable substitute just for you. 


Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cake with large blue roses made with Vegan Italian Meringue Butter Cream.

Vanilla Cake. Soft Sponge with Vegan Italian Meringue Butter Cream frosting.
6″ – $40, 9″ – $58. 

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Ultimate Chocolate cake with White Chocolate decoration

Ultimate Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Avocado Frosting (Oil free).
6″ – $60, 9″ – $75.  

Marble Cake

Marble cake with Vegan Italian Meringue Butter Cream.

Marble Cake.  Soft Chocolate-Vanilla Sponge with Vegan Italian Meringue Butter Cream frosting.
6″ – $40, 9″ – $58.  

Marshmallow Cake

Marshmallow Cake with Mango Jello.

Marshmallow cake with a thin sponge, fruit jello and marshmallow fluff on top. Made with Xylitol
6" - $33, 9" - $43

Sweet&Salty Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle cake with Caramelized Roasted Sunflower seed on top. Covered with rich Chocolate Ganache.

6" - $50, 9" - $67

Lemon-Cranberry Cake

Lemon-Cranberry Cake

Well balanced cake made with real Lemon and fresh Cranberries. Covered with our Vegan Italian Meringue Butter Cream.
6" - $38, 9" - $48

Chocolate Cake

Classic chocolate sponge with Vegan Italian Meringue Buttercream and homemade chocolate. 

6" - 40, 9" - $58

Chocolate Ganache Cake

Soft chocolate sponge with dark chocolate ganache filling and frosting.

6" - 45,  9" - $60.

Chocolate Cherry Cake

 Soft chocolate "shell"  with creamy chocolate-cherry filling and covered with delicate chocolate ganache.  
6" - $50, 9" - $75 

Zacher Cake

 That Austrian Chocolate Cake made with Homemade Orange Marmalade and rich Chocolate Frosting.  
6" - $55. 9" - $70 

Fruit Mousse Cake

 Nice and delicate Mousse cake based on fruits of your choice.  
6" - $35, 9" - $40. 

Raw Lemon-Chocolate Cake


That raw cake is nice, light and well balanced. You could order that cake with another fruit layer.

9" - $35

Tarts and More

Key Lime Pie

Absolutely delicate and delicious cream pie with avocado and limes. $32

Orange Cranberry Tart

Orange-Cranberry tart

Soft and slightly sweet Orange filling with fresh Cranberries. $32 

Sticky Dates&Coconut Cake

Dates&Coconut Cake

Dough made with dates and covered with caramelized coconut flakes on top. $30

Fruit Cobbler

Rustic Fruit dessert with assorted fruits of your choice.
9" square - $37

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Moist and soft, delicious and perfect Carrot cake could be a large bundt cake or 6 of individual bundt cakes.
6 pc - $30, large cake - $45

Vanilla Curd Tarts

 Nice and delicate vanilla curd cream with soft tart shell.

6 pc - $26

Dates Frangipan Tart

Nice soft dates filling with nut-free frangipan in a soft tart.

6 pc - $27

Fruit Cake

Traditional fruit cake full of raisin, dry cranberries, candied orange peel and dates.

9" - $38 

Whoopie pie

Two chocolate soft cookies with our Vegan Italian Meringue Butter cream. 

6 pc - $21